Mad March in Paris

The sun is shining! As Spring arrives in Paris, our team and the other French Tech Ticket laureates are now settled and diving head first into the 3 month acceleration program. It’s been a fascinating month of exploring and learning about the tech ecosystem in Europe, meeting new people, expanding our networks and of course enjoying life in Paris. From the thrill of Le Hacking de l’Hotel de Ville to life at Welcome City Lab, here’s our take on Mad March, french-style. 

The Kick-Off

All FTT businesses were invited to the official kick-off event, hosted by the wonderful city of Lyon. It was a great opportunity to meet the non-Parisian businesses taking part in the program. We were at Rooftop 52 in the Quai Rambaud precinct of Lyon which is currently being redeveloped by some of the world’s top architects. For information’s sake, approximately half of the FTT businesses are located in Paris and the other half in France’s regional centres. Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Nice, Marseille, just to name a few. La French Tech has a mantra to strengthen the innovation scene not only in Paris but across the whole country to build a holistic, cooperative tech ecosystem. It’s great to see so many international businesses doing well in the regional centres, including our fellow Aussie compatriots Tarot Analytics who are based in Toulouse. Tarot Analytics is a route optimisation company that helps delivery businesses become more efficient [visit them at and have a chat to Jesse on their nifty little chatbot].

We also took the opportunity to visit the city of Lyon over the weekend. Sometimes referred to as ‘little Paris’, Lyon is the gastronomic capital of Europe and is a must-stop on any French road trip. The Rhone-Alpes region turned the weather on as we got our first taste of the upcoming European summer. It’s also at the foot of some of France’s top wine regions. We were lucky enough to get a private tour of Milly-Lamartine in the Macon region from fellow Adelaidean Sam who has made the jump across the equator to make some seriously good wine… great stuff mate!

The Australian contingent of FTT at the kick-off event in Lyon. Far left, Simon from Taro Analytics, followed by the Tenderfoot trio and then far right, Jesse from Tarot Analytics.

Le Hacking de L’Hotel de Ville

You may have seen our Facebook live video from Paris’ famous Hotel de Ville (City Hall) when the Mayor of Paris handed over the keys to the city to its businesspeople. Investors, corporates, startups and organisations joined forces for a day of networking, workshops, pitches & business meetings. One of the day’s main components was the facilitation of over 3,000 business meetings. Startups were able to connect with corporates prior to the event and arrange 15-minute micro-meetings. When the bell rung, it was time to move to the next. This is a great initiative. Accessing potential corporate clients is a tough ask for early-stage startups who are yet to gain industry credibility. The potential value of a 15-minute conversation? You’ll have to wait and see…

Life at Welcome City Lab

Life at the incubator is great and they’re about to welcome another 13 companies for this year’s European intake. The Welcome City team ventured to ITB Berlin for Europe’s biggest tourism tech conference to make the announcement. Read more about How Laurent, Florence, Jeanne, Francois and the team went over in Berlin here:

We’ve also welcomed the other French Tech Ticket team to Welcome City. Zify is a car-pooling platform from India. Anurag and his team are looking to expand across the European market which presents plenty of opportunity due to the density of population. You may think BlaBlaCar and Uber are standing in the way, but Zify have a plan… read more about it here:

Featuring another Welcome City Lab business: Eelway

So, we know all you guys in Australia are currently planning your trips to the Northern Hemisphere for the European summer. And let’s face it, most of you are coming to Paris at some point. Hate carrying your luggage down/up stairs, dodging Parisians with luggage in hand or stressing about which metro stop to get off at with 40kg attached? Frustrated when you arrive at 8am and can’t check in until 2pm? No fear! Eelway is here. They take your luggage from when you get off your plane/train and deliver it straight to your place of accommodation. Visit Julien, Fabien & the team at and get it all sorted! Top work guys.

And life in France…

  • Well, we became residents! The French could be stuck with us for 4 years. Time to sharpen up our French skills.
  • Baguette consumption is currently at about 2.5 baguettes per day between 3 people. We’ve been here for about 70 days. Baguettes are about .90c each. Talk about economic stimulus! [We know you were wondering.]
  • Sun. Is. Good.

Until next time!

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