Show me the money! How to save for your travel.

How many times have you heard, “Where do you get all that money to travel so much?” I have heard it more times than I can count on my small stubby hands. BUT I’m making it happen year after year, and you can too! Here are a few strategies I use that will help you:

Start with a list

I recommend starting with the places you’d like to visit during the next three years. This is easier to plan out since the time frame is enough to give you time to rack up those dollar bills, but not too far out that it seems unattainable. Then you can break that list into groups based on costs. Your wish list may include domestic trips that are a little less expensive than the international trips on your list. So separate these to give you a rough idea of how much you’d need to save for each.


Create a rough budget for those destinations

Break down what you want to experience and research how much those items will cost you. It doesn’t have to be exact but it will give you a ballpark of how much money you’ll need to save to fund your adventures. Don’t forget to factor in your airfare/transportation to travel to the destination, accommodations, food, transportation costs during your stay, and any souvenirs you’d like to haul back home.

Adjust your monthly budget

Now that you have that magic number of what your next three years of travels will cost you, you can plan your finances around it. Break it down by month and determine what you need to stuff under your mattress or, more functionally, in your savings account.

Quick budget tips:

Set a budget for every spending category
Carry cash only – once it’s gone, it’s gone! Leave credit cards at home
Evaluate every purchase

Want a bit more ideas? Check this great Buzzfeed article for a list of easy to follow ways to save mo’ money.

Determine if you need to add a source of income

You’ve slashed and squeezed your budget and there’s no way you will be able to jump on that plane? Don’t sweat it! If your full-time income doesn’t have enough flexibility to allow you to fund your trips, there’s always a way. What skills or knowledge do you have that you can sell, whether as a freelancer or as a part-time worker?


Can you make a mean Tom Collins? Offer bartending services.
Do you love animals more than people most times? See who needs a reliable animal sitter.
Or if you’re running out of space in your closet – find Facebook Buy & Sell pages or use eBay to sell what you no longer use.
You can find a little side hustle to help achieve your travel dreams. It is possible!

Stay on Track

It can be a challenge to adhere to a budget. There’s always something that comes up. Whether it’s a birthday, a car repair, or a broken home appliance – something is bound to happen. If you can, save a little extra for those emergencies just in case.

Keep your travel dreams in front of you – LITERALLY! Create a vision board and put it in a place that you will see if every single day. Put the places you want to visit on there and the experiences you want to have. It will be a constant reminder of why you’re putting in all the work to put away those dollars or work those extra hours. It is your ultimate reward!

Travel is the one thing for me that I can’t imagine not being able to do. It feeds my mind, energizes my body, and awakens my soul. Traveling gives me so much more than the costs associated with it. I do whatever I can to make sure I travel at least once a year. If travel is a priority for you and it’s one of your non-negotiables, you will find a way to make it happen…even if it means selling those fabulous purses or hot kicks in your closet. Yes I can say, it is worth it.


Have you used any of these tips to fund your travels? Do you have additional tips for our fellow travelers that I didn’t include here? I’d love to hear to from you. Comment below with your suggested tips.

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